Sunday, 30 December 2012

Snowy Owl by Lisa Pellegrini

Amber pools buried in white plumage,
slits of fire whose warmth
escapes the world's notice,
blink with the grace of a
butterfly in flight.
Talons curled over scaly branches
prepare for their daily dream.
Invisible dancers skip across feathers,
creating miniature fans like
the fins of tropical fish.
He rotates his head toward the blue.
The branch shakes as he departs.
He is a floating sheet of paper,
adrift on a hammock of air,
weightless in a world that
gasps in wonderment one minute
and forgets the next.

 Lisa Pellegrini, USA

1 comment:

Geraldine said...

Beautiful! How I love these beautiful creatures. You've captured this scene so well.