Bolts of Silk will close to submissions on 17 April 2014. The last poem will be posted the day swifts return to Edinburgh for the summer.

Thanks to all the poets and readers who've helped to make Bolts of Silk a lovely poetry journal to edit over the years.

This site will remain up as an archive.


The name Bolts of Silk comes from Dark Matter, a vivid poem by the wonderfully talented Rebecca Elson, who died tragically young. Unfortunately copyright permission is beyond the budget I have for this project, but I would definitely recommend looking out for A Responsibility to Awe, the collection that contains this poem.

Another inspiration for the title is the fact that bolts of silk were traditionally given as prizes in Japanese poetry competitions.

Bolts of Silk features poetry from across the world, poetry that has something to say and says it beautifully. Beyond that it is of course, down to my personal taste!

Biographical details where available is included in the comments section underneath each poem. Aditionally, contributors have one link to a blog or website (if they have one) in the side panel and in the post that contains their poem. If you like what you see of their work here, please visit their online homes to read more!