Sunday 30 December 2012

Snowy Owl by Lisa Pellegrini

Amber pools buried in white plumage,
slits of fire whose warmth
escapes the world's notice,
blink with the grace of a
butterfly in flight.
Talons curled over scaly branches
prepare for their daily dream.
Invisible dancers skip across feathers,
creating miniature fans like
the fins of tropical fish.
He rotates his head toward the blue.
The branch shakes as he departs.
He is a floating sheet of paper,
adrift on a hammock of air,
weightless in a world that
gasps in wonderment one minute
and forgets the next.

 Lisa Pellegrini, USA

Saturday 22 December 2012

A Frame of Snowflakes by A J Huffman

falls in perfect form
                                 ation.  10
for difficulty (this is not their usual
locale).  We watch in wonder as
the weaklings waiver, gather,
cluster across the sand.  Stoically,
they stay
white for only the breath
of a moment before the rising
wind and warming temperatures
return them, in original form, to the waves.

A J Huffman, Florida, USA

Monday 17 December 2012

Midnight Robin by Maureen Weldon

While the sky shimmers like shot silk,
chimneypots a toothy smile,
I count the pots, 1 2 3 4 5.

On my kitchen table, sheets and sheets
of screwed up poems,
 I will flatten them tomorrow
for shopping lists.

While perfumed smells of hyacinths
bring memories of my mother:
‘they make lovely Christmas presents’
she would say, as she potted and tended …

The evening moves along
as evenings do…
 The moon a half golden bracelet.
The sky cluttered with stars.

All is still, no cars, no trains.
And in this stillness,
the midnight robin sings.

Maureen Weldon, North Wales, UK

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Nesting by Paul de Vito

The light filtered lightly through
the window, she was sitting on the sill
waiting for the wind to stop blowing,
it was spring and she was building
her nest in the tree next to my house,
the wind gusted and the window
blew open, in she flew suddenly,
around and around the room,
looking for a place to settle,
finally she spotted my pipe
by my reading chair and swooped
down to dig some tobacco
from the bowl, then up again,
around in flight and out the window
again to her nest in the tree.

Paul de Vito, New York, USA 

editor's note: this poem really caught my eye as I had just recently read about birds using cigarette butts in their nests, you can read more about it here.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

untitled by Arthur Durkee

raven floats in morning wind
above a sea of grass

howling wind outside my door
begging to get in
long night terrors, fury's call
gone in morning light
linger still behind rough clouds
moving fast and tight

raven silent in the sky
all sound drowned in wind

picture mountains gray and dun
bare tree on the ridge
piebald sun and shadow cloud
red side-wall canyons iced
picture groaning pines bent down
giving birth to wind

Arthur Durkee, USA