Monday, 17 December 2012

Midnight Robin by Maureen Weldon

While the sky shimmers like shot silk,
chimneypots a toothy smile,
I count the pots, 1 2 3 4 5.

On my kitchen table, sheets and sheets
of screwed up poems,
 I will flatten them tomorrow
for shopping lists.

While perfumed smells of hyacinths
bring memories of my mother:
‘they make lovely Christmas presents’
she would say, as she potted and tended …

The evening moves along
as evenings do…
 The moon a half golden bracelet.
The sky cluttered with stars.

All is still, no cars, no trains.
And in this stillness,
the midnight robin sings.

Maureen Weldon, North Wales, UK


Crafty Green Poet said...

Maureen Weldon - Is Irish, now living in North Wales. UK

Previously a professional ballet dancer and teacher.

Her poems have been published in numerous poetry magazines and journals, also including Poetry Scotland, Poetry Cornwall, Visesvit, Crannog, Other Poetry, Ink Sweat &Tears, Snakeskin. Her latest collection, ‘Breakfast At Kilumney,’ published by Poetry Monthly Press. Recently she won an award and was featured with twenty five of her poems published by ‘The Sons of Camus, Writers International Journal.’

Geraldine said...

this was a lovely read. glad I found your online place.

Mary said...

Hi Maureen, I met you when I was visiting the Chester Writers Group from Dublin, a (good) few years ago.
Great to see your work here! Mary