Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Magic by Taylor Graham

For ten days the old dog growled
and grumbled at the new
pup, and begged us to make her
disappear. She ragged him, 
hung from his ruff, bit him on the ear. 

An old dog only longs 
for quiet, his peaceful cedar-bed, 
a slow amble 
down the grassy swale 
to sleep beside the running stream.

But this morning, he lifts his paw
and bows, as if asking her
a question; looking her life in the eyes -
puppy eyes. Magic,
this old-dog invitation to the dance.

Taylor Graham, California, USA


Owl Who Laughs said...

Taylor Graham is a superb poet. I've enjoyed her work for many years.

Karen said...

This is really nice!

CMDoran said...

Lovely...sentimental, as if the old dog is nostalgic of his younger years. Thanks for writing.

Geraldine said...

Cats have much the same ritual when a newcomer enters the picture. I really enjoyed this!