Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Small Thing by Kathleen Brewin Lewis

In second grade
my daughter fell in love
with origami,
her fingers becoming
more and more adept
as she folded and pressed
the brilliant paper
into whales, frogs, cranes
the size of her fist,
then began to make the cranes
smaller and smaller
until she had created a bird
as tiny as her fingertip.
It seemed impossible to--
would be impossible for--me,
but she rose
and walked with great grace
to come and place
her delicate masterpiece
in my hand. 

Kathleen Brewin Lewis, Atlanta, USA


Cheoy Lee said...

I love the way this poem uses scale. It fluctuates from the grand to the tiny in sweeps and steps and the whole thing is beautiful.

janetld said...

I'm drawn to this lovely poem.