Monday, 7 November 2011

Lotus shoes by Jan Harris

Li combs the elm tree’s roots apart
as Ma Ma once teased tangles from her hair.
She prunes them short to fit the shallow pot
and soothes the severed tips with soil
like arms around a weeping child.

Annealed copper shapes the trunk,
as if it’s growing from a windswept cliff
where clouded panthers climb with ease.
Li twists the boughs with care.
The cracks and tears will heal with time
and all will wonder at its grace and style.

Tonight she’ll lift the Penjing from its plinth
and carry it with tiny steps to her betrothed.
She’ll wear her golden lotus shoes -
two crescent moons of satin silk,
embroidered figures dancing down the sides

Jan Harris, UK


Crafty Green Poet said...

Jan writes poetry and short stories for adults and children, and has two novels underway that she promises herself she will finish when life slows down. One is a science fiction novel for young teens and the other is a family saga set in the 50s and 70s. Jan has had several stories and poems published in magazines, including flash fiction in Mslexia and Flashquake, and poetry in Nth Position ezine and Leaf Books’ ‘Dancing with Delsie’ anthology. She works from home as an editor for an online media company and when she isn’t shackled to a computer Jan enjoys horse riding and vegetarian cooking.

Anonymous said...

Lovely description of bonsai.

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Beautiful writing!

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When We Dance said...

i love this poetry much

JUM said...

Thanks you