Tuesday, 15 November 2011

absolute velocity by Linda King

sometimes it is enough
this pull of distance its bitter wind
flung past evening driven
beyond the off ramp

even the gods are unhappy
at the broken places
where solitude collects

lean out your window sing
to the street lamps
the half moon dangles
from barren branches

between the lines
memories are written on the bodies
of those plastic flaxen-haired women
the ones that young girls crave

their stories compose a world
where violence becomes a verb
wrenched from another language
all scars and bruised knees

inherited disasters
passed on passed down
like heirloom silver
and those long ago neighbourhoods
where the hard summer grass remains

Linda King, Vancouver, Canada


simple human said...

beautiful poem, love it :) ...stories compose a world... all scars and bruised knees...

Gillena Cox said...

well crafted; what a find!

much love...

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

a snapshot of a world in all it's savage beauty.