Friday, 17 June 2011

Beechbank Burn by Ross Wilson

We’d run by the burn when the burn
didn’t run at all. Stopped in summers youth,
low and still in the no flow time zone
when we had it all – warm summer light,
nights far off as the sea mouth gulping
greedy as a beer monster, our burn.

We didn’t know it crashing through bushes,
on the run across imaginary enemy-lines,
ducking behind NO DUMPING signs
people ignored to jettison their crap –
magpie-bairns salvaging scrap:
old washing machines concealed in leaves,

wheel-barrows, car seats, cupboards in trees . . .
One day we discovered old cassettes
from the fifties in bags beached by the burn –
compilations of voices recorded long before
we were born: discarded, flowing on
in the winter-gush fast-forwarding the burn –

archaic pop guddled by a new generation.
We ran against the current to an old soundtrack.

Ross Wilson, Scotland, UK


Gordon Mason said...

Excellent work! The images of 'no flow time zone', 'sea mouth gulping' and all linked references to burn/water I enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

The good the bad and the ugly all in one.

Acuarelas Ferrero said...

Very good job, accept my congratulations.

CMDoran said...

I love the discovery of youth here...set with the summer, water, makes the ugliness of others beautiful in kids hands...

Chuli said...

Me gusto mucho! a pesar que no domino tambien el idioma, sobre todo me encanto la parte final