Sunday, 26 June 2011

Annoying Fly by Chris Crittenden

a fly like a meteor
chides my head,
orbiting the big bang
of my distress.

i nap
and its proboscis
daps on my sweat.
i complain
and it whines

like a misunderstood
whose vision is superior-
-full of sheens, prisms
and wonders--

as if it had seen god
through mandalic eyes.
found manna
on Universal Rundle.

it has zigzagged awed
and nose
dived true,
but never so dizzy
it forgets to see.

why should i be
its nemesis,
the claw in the gloom
that swipes? why must i
exist to thwart

its hallelujah?

Chris Crittenden, Maine, USA


Poetry24 said...

Excellent! I still have the buzzing in my ears.

Stealthy said...

Superb :)

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Skilful use of rhetorical questions.