Sunday, 19 December 2010

Red's the colour by Gabrielle Bryden

red proved the toughest contender
in the fiery battle between black and colour

he was a radical mover and shaker
a hot-blooded fighter

who waved the scarlet standard tall
for black to see and force to fall

he led all colours deep into the heated battle
memories of the long dark days

ignited their passions

which raged and flared
creating their own light

they reveled in the spilling of crimson blood
and black recoiled in horror

red rolled out the carpet for his friends
when the battle was won

power to the petite

of every shade
advancing into the open

a revolutionary freedom
cause for celebration

let’s paint the town.

Gabrielle Bryden, Australia


Crafty Green Poet said...

Gabrielle Bryden is an Australian writer whose poetry has been published in Ripples, Speedpoets, and Aspects magazines; Third Eye, Lunarosity, and Specusphere webzines; in the book ‘Short and Twisted 2010 and on National ABC Radio.

CMDoran said...
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CMDoran said... pushed the pallor from her cheeks before she slept...

very inspirational...thank you for writing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Juliet and C.M. Doran

Poet Hound said...

I like the rhythm of this poem and that red is the color fighting against black instead of white.

Veritas said...

Lovely Poem.... Thank you for sharing.


Mairi said...

My daughter is home for Christmas and we did our annual Lord of the Rings fest so I have the imagery of the battle of the Pelinor field and Theodin's "red dawn" speech to go with your text. Red against black. Nicely done, this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Poet Hound, Veritas (I see you copied it to your website!) and Mairu (glad you put it to good use - haha - lovely).

Anonymous said...

'Power to the petite.'
Power to the poet.

One of your best, Gabrielle and congratulations on being featured!

Anonymous said...

Haha - thanks Selma 'poet' 'people','petite'!