Wednesday, 8 December 2010

illuminations of a cat by Regina Green

strike out boldly
learn from the collective
beware of hand-held treats
always appear negotiable then
walk away with tail held high
mice and high heels are fair game
scratching behind the ears can be
used against you
you can take the loner persona a bit too far
the best part of the day is reserved for
sleeping it away
you can say i'm yours and i won't disagree but
i'll keep you up at night wondering where i am
i am beautiful but you know that
it's harder than it looks

Regina Green, USA


Beachanny said...

All so very true as mine is deep asleep in front of me. He is some character and it sounds as though you too have known some. Charming! Thanks,
Gay Cannon @beachanny

Annie Jeffries said...

As a cat lover, I can say with great confidence that you batted 100 with this observation of our feline friends.

Angel Zapata said...

Never been a cat lover, but this was a tenderly-written and suprisingly pleasant verse.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...


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