Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Finalizing Our Aged Property by Rae Spencer

The exhausted land reclaimed
Our fence-line
Time blanketed
Obscene barbs
With perfumed honeysuckle

A million twining flowers
With steely resolution
Wrested rusty strands
Toward the soil

A war of decades
Waged on a suspension bridge
Sagging posts and braided wire
Fatigued by the surprising weight
Of so many fragile vines

At last the posts cracked
In surrender
Gave up their substance
To termites and rain

And our boundaries
Crumbled into joyous ruin
Nothing left of fences
To say where we should end
And something else begin

Rae Spencer, Virginia, USA


Anonymous said...

I loved the last paragraph the best. It makes a beautiful statement of hope and freedom.

Laverne Pacquire said...

The first and last stanzas are my favorite, beautiful and well done