Wednesday, 13 October 2010

i stitched my arms to my sleeve so’s by Blake Ellington Larson

i could wave my open heart in
mid-air above my hang’d head

i found a map i made from apples

the how-to-manifesto described
a secret box of postcards

i collected enough stardust to
whisper your name

i raced your camouflage melodies skyward

on full moons i’d
gather less magnetism

but i taught daffodils to bloom

and dried leaves in honor

of your passing ghost

Blake Ellington Larson, California, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Blake Ellington Larson invented the color pink. He does not collect Care Bears and most certainly doesn't have a subscription to The Believer. On a scale of one to awesome. He would definitely be awesome. He lives in the quiet suburbs of Alameda, California and would very much like to meet you.

Gordon Mason said...

Great images and the quirkiness of them allows the small case 'i' to work.

ms pie said...

he is everything i like abt poetry... so's... i could write a poem freely.... now i like him even more b/c he invented the color pink... i always thought there was something wonderful and mystical abt pink, it brings happiness in buckets and buckets...

Nat Hall said...

this is a cool piece.
Great images, rhythm and so fun to read! :-)

Kasandra Larsen said...

Love the imagery, very catchy and original.

Walt Disney 154 Movies DVD Boxset said...

I love these images

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

the most beautiful heart shaped word pictures caught in fleeting glances