Sunday 29 March 2009

a poem by Simon Kewin

Curled up asleep there
as seraphic as
the furled e in serene.
Crossed feet for
perfectly drawn serifs,
your soft body
a rune of tightly cuddled limbs
as you revert to
the bliss of the huddled womb.
A quiet quotation mark
at the start of a life's long speech,
the hushed susurrus of a slowly drawn breath

Simon Kewin, Herefordshire, UK


Crafty Green Poet said...

Simon writes fiction, poetry and computer software, although usually not at the same time. His fiction has appeared in Nemonymous, Here & Now, Abyss & Apex, Albedo One, Redsine, Quantum Muse, Kimota, F/SF and Deep Magic, amongst others. His short story Museum Beetles was given an honourable mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction #23.

He has had poetry published in a variety of magazines including Cadenza, Voice and Verse, Helicon, The Affectionate Punch, 12th Planet and Sepia.

He lives deep in rural Herefordshire (in the UK) with Alison and their two daughters Eleanor and Rose.

mand said...

From rural Wiltshire to rural Herefordshire:
Lovely concept, lovely poem.

Unknown said...

Love this, especially all the s sounds.

Gordon Mason said...

I really like the image of "furled e in serene".