Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Haibun by Shirla White

A bird, both feet planted firmly on a telephone wire, stares into the lavender void that enfolds him. Every half-minute or so, he turns, as though orbiting a planet nestled under his wings, tugging on a string wrapped around the moon, lifting it up for the prairies. Tonight, he is Atlas' assistant, coaxing the cosmos to comply with tired nations.

the sleeping bird
with raised wings

Shirla White, Saskatchewan, Canada


Crafty Green Poet said...

Shirla White is a senior in high school and currently resides in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. She was a recipient of the Live Global Communications Literacy Award for Poetry and the Currie-Hyland Prize. She has been a Featured Poet in One Night Stanzas and was recently published in a handful of stones, What the Thunder Said, and The Prairie Messenger.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful job. You made that happen for my mind's eye.