Sunday, 13 January 2008

Such Things by J D Heskin

Inside, they say, inside this block of marble
hides a magnificent statue-
-of a kind to be admired by those
who know and need such things:
such things that personify the nature
of what is considered beautiful,
such things that define the poet's determination,
the artist's passion,
such things that fire a composer's page
with notes that permeate the senses,
such things that intensifies the intellects
of those who live for perfection.
And when the statue has been revealed,
it will be left for me to shovel
and haul away the bits and chips that remain.
Only later, will I wonder

what all the fuss was about
as I stand outside waiting for my pay.

J D Heskin, Minnesota, USA

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Crafty Green Poet said...

J.D.Heskin is retired and lives in northern Minnesota. His work can be found in both print and online publications such as Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, Poetry Midwest, Southern Ocean Review, Snakeskin, Ascent Aspirations Magazine and Circle Magazine.