Thursday, 10 January 2008

On Becoming Vieuxtemp's Lover by Cynthia Marie

Vieuxtemp's violin bleeds
songs filled with melancholy notes
that mourn and chafe the heart.

Gentle as a girl he reposes
in his nude room a breath away
from the sound of falling rain in Brussels.

He allows Martine inside. And she takes
him beneath the moaning drapes,
his face shrouded.

Cynthia Marie, New York, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Cynthia Marie: Lives in New York City. A graduate of St. John's University and is a Teacher in
her childhood community. Her work has appeared on line: Aught, Muse Apprentice Guild, 42 Opus,
and many other zines, also: Creations Magazine, Art and Times and The New York Times has
printed her haiku. Her current project is a poetry journal comprised of women poets.

Anonymous said...

I went to your blog, Cynthia Marie and read lots of your poems and tried to leave this comment, but there was a blogger id problem, so I thought I would leave here instead...
Beautiful, original, carefully crafted poems with great attention to detail. A real subtlety and range of emotion and tone, vibrantly intelligent and sensual, connected to the historical tradition.Fantastic work.

Cynthia said...

thank you so very much gingatao,
I just discovered your comment
here in bolts of silk - you've
really made my sunday!!!
Hoping you will try to leave a
comment again, I'll have to check
with blogspot to find out what the
problem is.
THANK YOU, I'm really trying to
accomplish all of the qualities
you've mentioned [on my blog]