Sunday, 17 March 2013

the naturalist by Micah Cavaleri

(for Anne Gorrick)

I have finally come around
to write this book
of yellow and red illustrations
of green palms
only centuries late
How have I forgotten what I discovered
on a ship as if I was on a ship I forgot

Fried (green) plantains taste like (yellow) honey
although I did not
sit down to write
a cook book. These
illustrations are
illuminations of
a voyage I never
expected to make
until I saw the boards
of the hull. Now
I am lost at sea.

Micah Cavaleri, USA 

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Crafty Green Poet said...

Micah's most recent book is 'the romances and other poems.' His first book, 'the syllable that opened an eye,' was published by Dead Man Publishing in 2010. He served in Iraq, jumped out of helicopters, flew Humvees off of dunes and earned a few degrees along the way. Micah studied Theology and Philosophy at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN, and received his MA in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota. There was poetry along the way. After that, he trained in satellite communications and as a cavalry scout for the Army, and completed graduate studies in Advanced International Affairs at Texas A&M. Micah now lives in Michigan's UP and makes dinner, cleans the bathrooms, edits a tiny facebook zine Mid-June and runs while his wife uncovers the mysteries of the natural world. You can find his poetry and critical works in elimae, Moria, Galatea Resurrects, Jacket2 and more scattered around the web.