Saturday, 24 December 2011

Assembly Required by Michael Keshigian

In bits and pieces
they fall from heaven,
disassembled snowmen,
one flake after the other,
strewn about the countryside,
discovered by those young at heart,
and with a dash
of imaginative insight,
they roll a gleeful creature
in their own image.
No directions needed.

Michael Keshigian


Anonymous said...

No batteries required either. said...

I love the rhymes.

Lori Lipsky said...

This is genius. I love it.

maekitso said...

I love the suggestion that snowflakes once were snowmen... to be rebuilt in our own image. Perfect.

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WoW! that was brilliant.

Unknown said...

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London Accountant said...

This is a really well-chosen title - I read it and thought furniture and work and instructions but actually the expectations you set up are gleefully dismissed by the fun light-hearted innocence of the poem, of nature, of kids and adults playing in the snow.