Friday, 26 August 2011

Pond in Deep Summer by J S Watts

Where the fish lie at pond bottom
Deep in the darkest shadows of mud stroked green
The end of this year’s summer waits
Not to be enticed by the orange darts
Of almost too late love.
Time belongs to him now
So he can take his time
Squatting in the black and olive slumbers
Until the ghost beat of goose wings
Draws him out.

J S Watts, UK


Crafty Green Poet said...

J.S.Watts was born in London and now lives and writes in East Anglia in the U.K. Her poetry, short stories and book reviews appear in a variety of publications in Britain, Canada, Australia and the States including Brittle Star, The Dawntreader, Envoi, Midwest Literary Magazine, Orbis, Polluto and Visionary Tongue and have been broadcast on BBC Radio. She is currently Poetry Reviews Editor for Open Wide Magazine and Poetry Editor for Ethereal Tales. Her debut poetry collection, Cats and Other Myths, is published by Lapwing Publications. Further details are available at

Cats and Other Myths, the debut poetry collection by J.S.Watts, is published by Lapwing Publications. 88 pages of poetry that finds contemporary relevance in the echoes of myth and legend and the mythic in the day to day world around us. ISBN 9781907276644.

green village said...

all the times goes by, buddy