Friday, 6 May 2011

In Memoriam by Nadya Avila Chant

You are text and subtext, my sound and my caesura,
The verdant meadows of adolescent summers,
And the fallow fields of a dreamless winter.
You are sigh and gasp and bated breath and I
Your restless child and somnolent woman.
You keep a home in the curve of my earlobe,
In the scar on my wrist, in the white of my fingernails.

Nadya Avila Chant, Utah, USA


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful.

Gordon Mason said...

Loved the image "keep a home in the curve of my earlobe"

Nadya Avila Chant said...

Thanks for posting my poem! I'm thrilled to share it with others.


CMDoran said... sound and my caesura,

I especially love that part..thanks for writing

Marinela said...

This is really beautiful write!

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Enchanted Oak said...

Oh, lovely. So terse, so full.

Mark Sargeant said...

I love your poem, it's perfectly weighted and powerful.