Friday, 19 November 2010

Mustang by Kevin Heaton

I am all that you have lost,
and will never understand.

I filled my lungs with freedom
and was grateful. I bolted

unsaddled across the wind
with happy spirits on my back,

and we shared as brothers.
I quenched my thirst in mystical

waters flowing from the inner
core of life, and I gave thanks.

I raced over hills and through
canyons in dream visions

of the people, and they told
of my valor. Now you shod me

with iron, and tangle my pride
in lariats of bondage.

I was the freedom you cannot

Kevin Heaton, SC, USA

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Crafty Green Poet said...

Kevin Heaton lives in South Carolina, formerly from Oklahoma where he published Country Music. His e-chapbook, "Post Cards of Faith" is at: Victorian Violet Press. His work has appeared in: Foliate Oak, Elimae, Grey Sparrow Journal, WestWard Quarterly, Bananafish Magazine, Sacred Journey, Reunions Magazine, and others.