Monday, 6 April 2009

Chiffchaff by Carol Thistlethwaite

6th April 2008 Withnell Fold

Even though snow is marbling the trees,
these chiff-chaff-chiff-chaff-chiffs are heard,
winding their spells through leafless worlds.
The steadiness of the chiff-chaff beat,
reassuring me that this flaky white
is no more than peeling old paint,
dead skin brushing off
as the season pulls on a new linen coat.
charm from a distant land,
flamboyantly bowing its tail through the trees,
casting its hope with its hop-flick-hops,
dispelling the snow as it steadily goes,
calling each leaf to stir in each bud,
unwavering herald that Earth really does
now tilt towards a North African sun.

Carol Thistlethwaite, Lancashire, UK

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