Monday, 26 May 2008

Woodpigeon by Davide Trame

You liked remarking the four lines
its cooing was divided into, the last line
just a single coo, a full stop
or maybe a question mark suspended
between the sky and the maze of branches;
its call the first sound of the day
promising a canopy of leafy alleys
and shading tidy ochre brick walls
with rows of beeches, oaks,
clusters of rowan berries.
Now that you are far away
you know its marvellous monotony
is a further example of the unattainable
eternal present that allures you:
when you feel you are flashing into the past
all you’ll long for will be just one more coo
lasting in its suspension.

Davide Trame, Italy

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Crafty Green Poet said...

Davide Trame is an Italian teacher of English, born and living in Venice-Italy, writing poems exclusively in English since 1993; they have been published in around three hundred literary magazines since 1999, in U.K, U.S. and elsewhere: “Poetry New Zealand” , “New Contrast” (South Africa). “Nimrod” (U.S.) and “Prague Literary Review” among them. His poetry collection as a downloadable email-book was published by in 2006.