Friday, 22 June 2007

Public Education by Lisa Zaran

Look how lovely the children are
sitting in their classroom,
staring at the wall, the clock
on the wall, out the window
where the breeze has been
masturbating with the leaves
all morning.

See their little round and yellow
faces. This one with crooked
teeth trying not to fall asleep
and that one over there, his
wooden desk pulled front toward
the wall. Are those matches
he has in his hand? How sweet.

Notice as well their teacher.
Almost like a zombie isn't she?
Slack expression, tired hair,
voice droning with the flies.
I bet she does this on purpose.
Maybe her students like boredom,
she should win teacher of the year.

I wonder what they're learning,
their minds are open doors you know,
anyone can walk through.
Maybe how to be the next President
of the United States. Imagine that!
Maybe how to start the next world war.

Lisa Zaran, Arizona, USA


abby - the geek girl said...

I liked this poem. It's timely and says a lot about the teachers that shouldn't be teaching anymore. But don't get too downhearted there are lovely, excited teachers like me out therre too!! I won't let you down :)

WH said...

I love the droll style you use to convey the theme. It seems like nothing has changed in classrooms through the years. Wonderful lines.