Monday, 24 May 2010

Oil Spill by Justin Wade Thompson

there was an oil spill
in the Gulf of Mexico
and some counties in Florida
had been considered
to be in a state of emergency

my mother-in-law lives in Saint
Petersburg. my wife calls
it St. Pete

drives crazy

but i guess St. Pete wasn't affected.

my wife went back to sleep

slept until noon, in fact,
we'd stayed up late
watching medical dramas

not much else
to watch on the old tube

and i guess TVs don't have tubes
in them anymore
but we still call them that

hell, even the little TVs on the
internet are called tubes, right?

i wonder if they've got coverage
of the oil spill

black oil, bird soup
and dying flamingos stuck to dead stingrays and
all other sorts of carnage and death.

they cover it all, these days

every second every minute every hour on the hour

satellites stuck in the
black oil of space
screaming S.O.S. to the blue sky and sea

i trust the mother-in-law is well.

Justin Wade Thompson, Texas, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Justin Wade Thompson currently lives, in a trailer park, in Austin, Texas, with his wife and cats. He has never pursued a higher education.

Ana said...

I like how you carry the reader from an actual event to the ubiquity of technology in our daily lives. An event that made headlines and made us realize one more time the impact of technology on the environment (and that any technology no matter how advanced and “fool-proof” it may be considered is still and intruder and potential damage bearer to our surroundings). Thank you, I enjoyed reading this.

poetry by justin wade thompson said...

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