Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Love your vegetables by Christie Isler

Beneath the open air tents, vegetables tempt like
penny candy or beckoning bins of polished
stones, five dollars a bag. They glow in shades of want
- small hand want, desire confused with need.
Want to hold those circus hues crying, Sweet! Want to
heft the weight, to possess. Want to envelop in
sweaty palm, the disco ball gobstoppers, gummy
bears bejeweled, the agates and the humming ribs of
tiger-eyes, burnished sight of malachite. Even then,
it was never about nourishment or need, but
a rodent crusade to have those lovely things.
Even then. Even now.

The market throngs are festive and intent. Wiry,
naked faced women scurry past, canvas bags and
picnic baskets harvest heavy. The weight of their
wealth measured in ostrich orb eggplants, taffy striped
cream with violet and lace dancing frocks of carrot
tops. But then, all your colors are waning, sliding
from stands like drying sand. Currants effervesce in
bubbles of Champagne, apricot tomatoes are
yanked from the stage by crooks of comic summer squash.
Minutes more and to churned earth, they’ll return. That bud
of cabbage head, chanterelles wrapped in copper ruffles.
Hurry! Hold them, eat them, possess them, those
lovely, lovely things.

Christie Isler, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Christie Isler is a poet, writer, musician, and teacher in the Pacific Northwest. She has poetry and prose published in online collections, including Shoots & Vines, The New Flesh, Identity Theory and Infinite Windows. She also has work forthcoming in the Fall 2009 issue of tinfoildresses and new postings at Every Day Poets. Christie makes her physical home outside of Seattle, Washington and her online home at thetriptakesyou.wordpress.com.

Kat Mortensen said...

So many wonderful images! I shall never look at a carrot again without seeing those "fancy dresses", nor catch my husband sneaking a gob-stopper at the grocery store without seeing a "disco ball".
Rodent crusaders? Absolutely!
Really enjoyed your piece.

Karen said...

The images here are so clear that I experience this market with all my senses. Very enjoyable!