Thursday, 10 September 2009

Universe by Neil Ellman

The universe expands, contracts,
Curls back upon itself,
Crashes in thunderous jolts
Unheard in spaceless space.

The universe begins and ends
Begins again somewhere
Where there is no where
And ends where it begins.

The universe gives birth
To cosmic eggs, itself an egg,
A progeny of stars and nebulae
Racing to the end of endless time.

The universe unfolds, a dream,
Traveling at the speed of light
And standing still while it surveys
The loneliness of strings.

Neil Ellman, NJ, USA


Karen said...

I appreciate the form of each stanza that curves back into itself, mimicking the message. The repetition of words and the contradictions enhance the whole.

I really love the second stanza, but the ending is stunning.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Love the many ways the poem works- as a scientific reflection, comment on change, and feeling of utter loneliness.