Monday, 7 September 2009

Natural Selection by Bill Graffius

Watching dark ash and dust devour the sun
was a hard lesson for Rex.
Strength, claws and incisors
were no match for the advancing ice
and his reign ended.

We were prey, not predator,
running bent, adrenals pumping,
hoping to avoid being supper for the tigers.
But, we learned, and knowledge became power,
a subtle, but awesome substitute
for sinewed muscle and sharp teeth.

Once life was a struggle for food and shelter.
Successful procreation was a clear measure
of the success of the species.

Now, Nature begins to stack the scales
in counterbalance as we foul our nest
and eat the seeds of next Spring's harvest.

New viruses are multiplying,
reproduction is no longer a hope for the future
but a gamble with extinction.

Like poor Rex our blood has betrayed us,
beginning to freeze.

Bill Graffius, Oregon, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Bill Graffius is a writer and poet on a spiritual journey seeking world peace and understanding and a good American IPA.

Karen said...

...and we've done it all to ourselves, unfortunately. I like the image of ourselves "foul[ing] our nest," but I'm sorry that we do.