Thursday, 2 October 2008

ruined everything by shane allison

just came
just came and stole him
just came and stole him right from under me didn’t you
right from beneath me
do you know how under my skin he was
he was this under my skin
until you came along
until you just came coming along
with your dimpled dimples
those eyes perfect as pictures
and screwed it all up
i used to be the only matter that mattered
until you walked into his life
with that walk that you walk with
& walked off with him
when I see you two kissing in the kitchen
kitchen-kissing in the kitchen
i think of how skin deep he was beneath my skin
until you came along & ruined everything.

Shane Allison, Florida, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Shane Allison has had poems published in Unlikely Stories, Velvet Mafia, New Delta Review, Mississippi Review, Heroin Love Songs and Zygote in My Coffee.

Tina Trivett said...

I really feel this one..I've stood in those shoes.

Cynthia said...

wonderful, would make a fantastic
blusey-rock song.

Anonymous said...

So weird, you mentioned rock song, as I read and re-read this the voice in my head slowly became Patti Smith's early snarl.

Tumblewords: said...

I agree - it could become a song to accompany all of us who've been there...and can't seem to get out of the kitchen... Nice work!