Thursday, 16 October 2008

Heavy Water by Casey Diem

You bring me heavy water
Too much to carry or be indifferent to.
You tell me to be careful,
People drown in such shallow pools.

A baptism of love that is out of its depth.

We hurt each other in the past,
We were crueller than the deepest well.

I bring you heavy water
Which you pour into yours.
We catch the light and keep it.
We are holding rainwater in our eyes.

We are going to be an unstoppable river one day.

Casey Diem
(a collaboration between Deborah Murray and Kevin Cadwallender)

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Crafty Green Poet said...

Kevin describes their collaborative process:

Either myself or Debs comes up with an idea, we try to seek unusual phrases and twists,
then usually me but sometimes Debs takes charge of 'scribing'. They are usually written at a computer with the other person suggesting new phrases or twists. We try to make them ambigous so that they may be interpreted in many ways. We like to limit ourselves in a minimalist way and the poems are usually short. We tend to think on a similar wavelength so it's quite a lot of fun, even when the subject matter isn't! We have written about 15 or so together over a couple of years ( so far) and hope to write enough for a collection at some point.