Sunday, 28 September 2008

the Wal-Mart artist by Karl Koweski

I purchased the water color set
on clearance at Wal-Mart
a twenty dollar gift set
of paints and brushes and pencils
for the low low price of four dollars

I intended to paint landscapes
like the horse meadow view
from my kitchen window
or the nearby Depression era
sheds and barns, dilapidated,
anonymous by proximity

but when I finally set
brush to paper
it’s only to paint a comic strip
called "Sucking Hind Teat"
chronicling the misadventures
of a luckless factory worker

just as my poetry
devolves into comedic anecdotes,

profundity eludes me
I’m left with a big smiley face

Karl Koweski, Alabama, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Karl Koweski says: 'I'm a 33 year old displaced Chicagoan now living on top of a mountain in Alabama. My poetry has recently appeared in Nerve Cowboy, Chiron Review, Blue Collar Review, Hazmat Review and Quercus Review and throughout the internet. My latest chapbook, Diminishing Returns, is available at I co-edit where I write the monthly column "Observations of a Dumb Polack".'

Anonymous said...

nice. :D

i like the idea of that... a wal-mart artist. :)

Anonymous said...

comedy is a good thing. We need to laugh.

Scot said...

you always rock