Tuesday, 2 September 2008

In Elgin by Fiona Dunn

A wisp of purple
Flashes in a practised bend,
As the twist of a nut-brown wrist
Unfurls and curls,
Plucking with a brisk tear,
The weeds that greedily encase the single flower
That seeks her nurture and care.

Her dark and placid eyes
Absorb this alien land,
That breathes -
With a light and space
That beckon to -
Another age, a musk-laden place.

The watery sun receives
The incline of her smooth-haired head,
Whisper through her mind,
As East meets West
To a steady beat within her breast…

Fiona Dunn, Kent, UK


Crafty Green Poet said...

Fiona Dunn is a Scot living in England with her musician husband and three grown up(ish) kids. She's taught English and Drama most of her working life but that is about to change this Summer. She's leaving teaching to pursue new, creative adventures - including writing more poetry

Anonymous said...

ahh, i absolutely just adore her writing its offricial. does she have a book i can purchase. i cant get enough. fabulous1