Wednesday, 11 June 2008

From Tunes from An Innocent with Experience by Fiona Dunn

The shuffle of the shopping bag,
The bewilderment of a companion snatched away too soon,
The can of soup and the packet of Rich Teas -

The sense of someone missing from your side,
The key opens a silent tomb of memories
No flowers in the wedding present vase,
No heat from the stew bubbling in the oven,
No chatter - no sound.
Sitting on the chair, looking out of the window,
A child whizzes by on a skate-board,
A harassed mum yanks a tired toddler up the hill,
Junk mail lands on the mat.
Time has ceased,
Life has stopped so he closes his eyes…

Fiona Dunn, Kent, England


Crafty Green Poet said...

Fiona Dunn is a Scot living in England with her musician husband and three grown up(ish) kids. She's taught English and Drama most of her working life but that is about to change this Summer. She's leaving teaching to pursue new, creative adventures - including writing more poetry

Anonymous said...

Excellent and well done Fiona.

Love Jem x