Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Angel's Garden by Christine Bruness

The Angels' Garden~
Cement cherubs,
Full winged ceramic
Celestial ladies,
And heavenly
Resin figurines,
Thoughtfully arranged
Next to white roses,
Lilac bushes,
Lush gardenias,
With lavender,
And chamomile herbs,
Gracing the summer air
With a scent
As close to heaven
As a mortal can reach . . .

Her fragrant haven
An intoxicating delight
Where butterflies
Look like fairies
And Mourning Doves
And Song Sparrows
Enchant us with songs
In this sacred place
Of peaceful grace.

Christine Bruness, New Jersey, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Christine Bruness is a published poet and artist. She has had hundreds of poems, short stories, essays, articles, guest editorials, and artwork published both in print and online literary publications. Her first book: Imbalance, An Experimental Collection of Micro Stories and Poetry, received the Rose/Rosemary Zientek 2000 Award. Her work most recently appeared in A Hudson View, Literary House Review, OCEAN, Poetic Hours, Transcendent Visions and Seasons,. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Richard, and their two cats: Daisy and Shadow. Strays visit often and are always welcome and fed.

WH said...

Beautiful poem that conveys the sacred within the ordinary and unites the heavenly with the earthly. Splendid.

Shauna said...

Reminds me of my elderly next door neighbors, front lawn, so full of
mystical mysteries and faeries.