Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Poem Reminded Me by Amir Elzeni

We were in fifth grade,
in Egypt, in our
gray slacks, white
collard shirts, black
shoes, ironed, pressed,
hall monitors,
the future of Egypt,

my best friend
and I sat next
to each other,
one day I can't
remember who started it
but we would take our
index finger and rub it
on the other's
arm, up and down
soft as possible,
slow and nervous,

we said that the object
was to make the other laugh,
and all day sitting in class
we would do it, under the desk,
gentle as boys could ever be,

it didn't tickle, we would
just fake laugh to keep it
alive, to give us a reason,

to keep the moon dancing
inside innocence.

Amir Elzeni, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Amir Elzeni was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1966. Moved to America at age nine. Painfully shy and instinctively driven. He plays guitar a little. His music is the Blues (thanks to Buddy Guy), Jazz and Flamenco. He owned, operated and was the chef at a blues bar. Where he had the pleasure of booking many of the great /legendary blues artists, up and coming young cats and he is honored to say they became his friends and extended family. He was also lucky to meet a girl that he fell in love with in such a magical way.

paisley said...

what an absolutely beautiful nostalgic piece.. definitely the very face of innocence.... thank you so much for sharing it.