Thursday, 27 March 2008

Mama Wearies then Brightens by Gloria Wimberley

I wanted to bathe
(but instead, I bathed in the sun)
I wanted to sweep the floors
but for fun,
I swept away
a stickysilver web
between two trees
and laughing, mused that I'd hurt no one
Then I saw that because of Me
--and my sun-sudden glee,
a hardworking spider was
I wanted to tidy up the house
--pick up the books, dolls, and toys
the Dr. Seuss-esque gizmos that bring mirth of noise
...but I preferred subtle joys
'stead of work, I focused on fun:
my child and I played until the day was done...
Please give my regards to the conspiratorial sun
I don't regret chores undone

Gloria Wimberley, Florida, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Originally from the state of West Virginia,
Gloria Wimberley is a poet-mother-wife
who now lives in South Florida.
She holds an MA in English and has taught
at colleges in Virginia and Florida.
Her work has appeared in New Zealand's
Southern Ocean Review, Tapestry, The Northern Virginia Review, and others.
Recently, she read one of her poems on the internet radio show
The Empowered Mother based in Santa Barbara, California.

Fireblossom said...

This is just a delight.

Anonymous said...

I've known this poet almost an entire lifetime and I can tell you she has the ability to make you think with each of her poems. Beautiful work Gloria!!! You are hitting the nail on the head with this one..every parent needs to have the insight you do here. The children are way more important than some small chore or task...and you feel know your child feels secure in knowing you've taken time for them instead of "go play while I finish my work"! So many can learn from this!!! Love it!!! Sincerely ~ Lanna Wright-Adkins

Anonymous said...

Please disregard the ...and you feel know...from the comment above..I honestly don't know how that inserted in what I wrote! Thank you, Lanna Wright-Adkins

Anonymous said...
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