Sunday, 7 April 2013

Recycled by David Chorlton

Bottles are all equal here, whether they contained
the Haut Brion from eighty-nine
or something cheap to swallow quickly
for the buzz. A written declaration of love
means no more than a shopping list,
and science fiction is a match for the complete
works of Shakespeare. Once the caviar is gone
the can is no better than the one opened up
to feed a stray cat. There it all goes
with the pop of a cork, a sigh, a purr
a kingdom for a horse, before it returns
newly labeled with a twist
in the plot that brings the dead back to life.
David Chorlton, Arizona, USA

1 comment:

The Blood Guy said...

Just a note here to say I admire your work, and have over the years. You and have appeared many times in the same journals. Nice stuff here.