Sunday, 21 April 2013

Creek by Taylor Graham

What's more joyful
than running water? After rain,
our little creek leaps 
and giggles, blows bubbles, chatters
over rocks whose moss opens
all its green mouths to sing
the river song. 
And the old willow leans over the bank 
to see his own reflection 
wrinkled and riffled
with moving, ageless water.

What's more joyous?
A backyard puppy 
who's never seen a natural flow - 
only stainless bowls and faucet, hose, 
and pipes.
Here's free water 
on its great adventure toward the sea. 
What's more joyous
than a puppy tentatively wading out 
then drenching herself 
in that journey, 
splashing as each droplet leaps 
the stairstep falls; finally 
dashing back out
to shake
creekwater all over us
sparkling, joyous in April sun.

Taylor Graham, California, USA

1 comment:

Jacopo Serafinelli said...

Very nice ... and if this is the place where you live ... you are really lucky!

Ciao! Jcopo