Monday, 31 January 2011

The Weight by Hal Sirowitz

I’m being crushed
by the weight of

this relationship,
she said. I have to

carry it all by myself
from one date

to the next. Not that
it weighs a lot - about

the same as our hearts –
but it’s the responsibility

I bear of not letting it fall,
and shatter in a million pieces

which is frightening. It’s not
like a puzzle that can be put back

together. It’s more like a poodle
who’s going to run away

in search of less contentious owners.

Hal Sirowitz, PA, USA


Beatrice V said...

I just love it, that tension between gravitas and levity! It keeps the mind gracefully jumping unexpectedly from melancholy to funny, from the solemn to the ridiculous. Wonderful.

Kayla Soph said...

It's wonderful to see someone else posting lovely poems. I enjoy the rhythm very much. I, myself post poems as well, though they are my own. Check it out and follow if you enjoy :)

Thanks for the read!

Con Daily said...