Monday, 17 January 2011

The San's Promise by Rethabile Masilo

They came from the south
holding the sun in their right hand
like an object of worship,
crossed the Mohokare into the mountains,
leather bags full of ochre
and painting sticks, venom in small phials,
dried meat conserved in leaves. They stayed
long enough to paint the fat of the land:
hunt scenes, children hopping in playful circles
round a fire. An ostrich egg and roots
dug up from the desert's giving sand,
hand prints lit like sepals
exploding on grotto walls.

Rethabile Masilo, France


CMDoran said...

I really like the visual of this makes me think of the US southwest like Canyon de Chelly...exploding on grotto walls--best part

Poetry24 said...

"They came from the south
holding the sun in their right hand.." I love this opening.

my delayed reactions said...

The evocative opening also grabbed me straight away, and I especially liked the powerful ending.

mj said...

I love your poem! They are all beautiful! I love your writing skill..

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Rethabile said...

Thank you.

müzik said...