Sunday, 27 June 2010

An Impossible Affair by Penny Smith

Ripples spread across the silent surface
of the day, and disappear into infinity;
their subtle vibrations touch my heartstrings,
which resonate and sing with music.

But a cocoon of family wraps you close
and keeps us in separate, secret worlds,
where time stops and starts only to order.
Meanwhile, in a place of time out of time,

our intertwined beings create
their own universe of surreal reality,
where edges blur and the core melds
our two selves into one complete whole.

Penny Smith, Havant, UK


madison. said...

Goodness, you are darling. Your poems are so delightful, your visuals immaculate. I adore you. Please visit mine sometime, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Afternoon Tea

Gordon Mason said...

Like the hidden and internal rhymes here

Cynthia said...

This poem reminds me of Romeo and
Juliet, in an ether-world. Two
would be lovers who if they were
to consumate their love, the
respective parents, worlds would

Penny you were with a delicate

Jinksy said...
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Jinksy said...

Thanks, people! I've only just realised there might be comments here - Sorry for taking so long for the penny to drop!