Thursday, 4 March 2010

Flight Dream by Chris Crittenden

slide along the curves of the sky,
effortless and smooth,
until you meet a cloud and bounce,

soaring back toward the highest seat,
laughter your wings,
to sit where all things can be seen,

the Earth a paisley
of blue-green hyacinths,
the sun a jewel on your chest.

the clouds come to you
like sheep on a ledge
that turn into silver coins and fall;

all life below riotous with color,
reaching up with eager stalks
to celebrate.

Chris Crittenden, Maine, USA


Kat Mortensen said...

Really like this poem; the imagery is well thought-out and you've taken something typical and made it unusual.

The paisley Earth and the sun as a jewel were standouts for me.


Owl Who Laughs said...

I truly appreciate your reflections.

I wish I could write more poems like this.


L.P. Jones said...

Well you know how absolutely overjoyed I am to see this poem in print. The Omo would wear your words as jewels on their burnished bodies. Flight Dream takes me to where I live... to an aesthetic breath, a truth, reaching out into the infinite color, an eager stalk, Lorca's verde, que te quiero verde!


Owl Who Laughs said...


The Omo video you showed me was indeed magical, and, as you know, I wrote this poem right after watching it.

You're amazing!


寥落指漲 said...

thank u........................................

Owl Who Laughs said...

My pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Earth as a paisley... this descriptive touch is captivating.

Owl Who Laughs said...


To me, the whole poem pivots on that phrase, the "paisley of blue-green hyacinths." I don't know why, but it does. I had just watched a you-tube video of the Omo people supplied to me by my friend Lois P. Jones. Somehow, subconsciously, I was inspired.



beautiful imagery. i felt as if i was bouncing off that cloud and feeling the warm glow of the sunlight on my own skin.

thank you for your poetry. what a gift.

Owl Who Laughs said...

Whatever talent I have developed over the years (and hope to continue to develop) wouldn't have happened without you--