Sunday, 23 August 2009

Summer Night by Karen S. Nowviskie

Taken by an evening chill,
I leave my sun-soaked seat,

Forsaking hummingbirds
That trouble trumpet vines

And bumblebees that startle
At their sudden rise and fall.

Conceding feeders to
The scrabbling squirrels

And serviceberries to
The reign of mockingbirds,

I force my trembling self
To pause as life,

Unshaken by the coming
Of the night,

Grows dark against
The purple evening sky.

Karen Nowviskie, West Virginia, USA


Crafty Green Poet said...

Karen Nowviskie is a career educator, who lives and works in Putnam County, West Virginia. She has only recently begun to write poetry

poefusion said...

Hello neighbor~ I live in Maysville, KY. Your poem is the perfect gift to night. So many strong images at play throughout. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

Caroline Gill said...

What a beautiful poem - so controlled and succinct.

Sarah Hina said...

Karen, it's such a delight to see you over here! And this is a lovely blog with a title that speaks to me. :)

There's something that makes me ache on these summer nights, and in your descriptions here. Every moment is full of life, and we are a part of it, and yet distinct. We go back into the house, and yet a part of ourselves begs to stay out with the scrabble and bounty. We are shaken, the night is not.

A soft and soulful poem. And I am listening to the crickets as I write this.

James said...

This is lovely. I really like the reminder to pause and take it all in.

Karen said...

Michelle, Coastcard, Sarah, James - Thanks to all of you who have read and taken the time to comment here. I appreciate your comments and critiques and am happy to have found this lovely site.

Karen said...

Sarah - Thank you, my friend!

Kat Mortensen said...

Stunning piece, Karen. So many wonderful elements: the conceding to feeders, the reign of mockingbirds and those last two lines, particularly. Well done!


Julie said...

Karen, I'm thrilled to see you here. This is a lovely piece with many powerful images. I love the mockingbirds, the hummingbirds that trouble trumpet vines, etc. And I love the music in the lines. The human element in the natural setting is fantastic. Beautiful poem!!