Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Tanka by Eugenia Andino

Belleza simple,
azahar, perfecto aroma.
Tu sabor, sutil.
¡Qué milagro sería
que nos pudieras cantar!

Such simple beauty,
orange blossom, perfect scent.
your flavour’s subtle.
What a miracle it would be
to hear you sing!

Eugenia Andino, Seville, Spain


Crafty Green Poet said...

With Brian mentioning the orange blossom in his comment on the previous haiku, I just had to publish this one next! Very evocative tanka!

Anonymous said...

I love this poem. Beautiful and so true. Orange blossoms smell like candy or pizza, or something so yummy you salivate. When the wind blows and the scent carries for miles.

Our next door neighbors have an orange and a grapefruit tree. :)

They blossoms do sing.