Thursday, 19 April 2007

Cinderella's Mother Explains by Kirsten Anderson

You need to know that it was
Lack of spirit that killed me,
Why I left life so soon.
From my place near the tree
I sorrowed to see her abused,
Ash-smeared and head low
Spirits falling onto the hearth.
So I sent forth my soul pieces,
Remnants of lost dreams:
A silver dress pearled,
A pair of glass gold-heels,
Pumpkins coaxed into coaches.
Because I wanted to teach her
What I learned too late,
That to find a prince one
Must already be a queen.

Kirsten Anderson, California


Crafty Green Poet said...

a new perspective on the Cinderella story, I've often wondered about Cinderella's mother...

Unknown said...

What a lovely and painful poem. Really nice re-envisioning of the story. That's going to stick with me awhile.