Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cassini Vision by Lark Beltran

This blue-dot world,
far outshone by the surreal ringspan
of big-brother Saturn,
is of so little consequence, any might say,
who was not of Earth.

Countless such dots
evolve then thrive,
their cultures and cataclysms
utterly remote
to a kaleidoscope of far-flung peers.

To be or not to be:
a synchronicity
of force and Deity?

The void is neutral:
no up and down
no left and right
or right and wrong ...
no sound!

Seeing our world so like a jewel
in minuscule under Saturn´s rings -
it rings of magic.

Lark Beltran, Lima, Peru


Crafty Green Poet said...

Lark Beltran, originally from California, has lived in Lima, Peru for many years as an ESL teacher. Over the past several years, quite a few of her poems have appeared in online and offline journals.

Jo said...

A great subject for poetry I think, the incalculable scales of space and the fascinating juxtaposition of the vast and the small...I find myself writing about it a lot.

An evocative poem :-)