Sunday, 30 June 2013

In Between the In-between Moments by Martin Willitts

“Yo no naka” means “the world of betweeness”in Japanese
Nothing has decided to Become. The lack of wind
wants to be heard. Before your heart blinks out, it must
shed cherry petals. It hesitates. It plunges
into the unknown where we all must go. It goes
expectantly. What does it know that we don’t?
The sky closes shutters, but some light comes through.
There is the smell of Always. A mountain laments —
fog. A hand tugs at leaving birds.
Before you left, you were here; and nothing listened —
the nothing was a pond of light. Light though pinfeathers.
A rustle of air against air.
Many moons were in many raindrops.
What is it that casts shadows in between the in-betweeness?
The impermanence flinches and falls.
Everything is attentive to the transient movement between.
There are words we must carry beyond what we know.
Before before there is nothing in the absence
loudly proclaiming in its silence.

Martin Willitts, USA

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