Sunday, 26 May 2013

weave of the web by Anna Sykora

if a butterfly
had not shaken her wings
if the air had not wafted
a seed of wheat
if the grain had not grown
where soil lay moist
if a woman hadn’t bent
and seen the seedling
if she didn’t cultivate
more like them
and learn to grind
kernels into flour
if she died with her knowledge
in a drought or flood
or failed to teach her young ones
what she learned
you and I might still be
pent in the heart
of a distant star

Anna Sykora, Hanover, Germany 

1 comment:

Jacopo Serafinelli said...

Knowledge is useful if transmitted to improve life.
Every action causes effects ... like this poem that creates inner well-being.

Thank you for having posted.

Ciao! Jacopo